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  Michael Wollny and Heinz Sauer 22.6.2013 (c) Katharina Lohmann  
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Michael_Wollny_and_Heinz_Sauer_1 Dennis_Chambers_1 Jochen_Rueckert_1 David_Bryant_1 David_Bryant_2 David_Bryant_and_Chris_Smith_1 Chris_Smith_1 Chris_Smith_2 Roxy_Coss_1
Dana_Hawkins_1 Jeremy_Pelt_and_Dana_Hawkins_1 Kris_Funn_1 Kris_Funn_2 Kris_Funn_3 Braxton_Cook_and_Kris_Funn_1 Kris_Funn_4 Kris_Funn_5